FO Alert: Threshold Tunic

This turned out to be more of a normal length pullover instead the tunic length that I was hoping for, but still turned out pretty well! Once again, I used Evergreen Fiber Works yarn; this time it is Cedar Sock in the colorway Seaworthy. I always alternate skeins every 2 rows when I knit a project that uses more than one skein, especially for hand dyed yarn!

The pattern was a CustomFit recipe, with the front panel and sleeve detail inspired by the Threshold sweater pattern by Melanie Berg. I opted to do a solid stockinette back, keeping the focus on the patterning on the front and the sleeve cuff.

One more picture just cuz I'm super in love with this sweater 😍


  1. I loved meeting you this afternoon at the Art Fair. Your work is brilliant.

    1. Thank you so much Marion, and thanks for chatting at the fair! It was a blast!


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